I'm Emircan Karagöz

> React.js, Next.js, ASP .NET Blazor
> Java, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript

I met software at the age of 14 and have been intensively interested in it since 2019. During this process, I developed myself in Java/Android and released a game for the Android platform (July 2020). Since January 2021, I have been intensively learning and using web technologies. I am currently working with some of the latest technologies, React.js, Next.js, and ASP .NET Blazor. In addition, I am an amateur photographer. In the past, I played basketball as guard at Ege Gelisim Sports Club for about 4 years. I participate in various activities in line with my dreams and continue to improve myself with the motto "All I know is that I know nothing".

Full-Stack Developer
CSS, HTML, Javascript, Typescript
React.js, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, Prisma, Axios, Formik, Moment, Nodemailer, Next-Auth
Dev Tools:
Github, Vercel, VS Code


Nov 2019

IEEE Turkey Student Branches Computer Society
Team Member

Jan 2021

Öğrenci Kariyeri
Project Team Member

Jan 2022

Entrepreneurship Support Program Participant (BiGG)

Aug 2022

Ekoten Fabrics

Mar 2023

Ekoten Fabrics
Digitalise The Next Project Intern

Sep 2023

Ekoten Fabrics
Manufacturing Execution System Engineer

my projects

Instagram Clone

A study I made while learning the Bootstrap library.

Language, Framework/Library:
CSS, HTML, Bootstrap
Social Platform Project

A website designed with gamification techniques where you can share posts in various categories and follow your friends.

Language, Framework/Library:
Javascript, Next.js, Prisma, Bootstrap, Axios, Next-Auth, React-Toastify

Numerary is number guessing game that I published for Android Market.

Language, Framework/Library:
Java, Android Studio
Job Request Form

A windows program that allows to manage jobs.

Language, Framework/Library:
C#, DevExpress, Visual Studio

A todo app.

Language, Framework/Library:
Javascript, Next.js, Bootstrap
Numerary Web

The web version of the Numerary.

Language, Framework/Library:
Javascript, Next.js, Bootstrap

My blog site.

Language, Framework/Library:
Javascript, Next.JS, GraphQL, SASS, TailwindCSS, Moment
Crypto Prediction App with ML

Buy-Sell and next close predictions on cyripto currencies using Machine Learning models with an original dataset that we created.

Language, Framework/Library:
Python, Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, Xgboost
Cash Flow Control And Savings App

This is a web application that aims to enable users to easily control their cash flow and save money.

Language, Framework/Library:
Javascript, SQL, Next.js, Bootstrap, Prisma, Formik, Axios, Next-Auth
Treatment System Control App

This web application is a treatment control logging system sensitive to anomaly detection.

Language, Framework/Library:
Javascript, SQL, Next.js, Bootstrap, Prisma, Formik, Axios, Next-Auth

my certificates

Business of Games and Entrepreneurship

Michigan State University
December 2020

Problem Solving Skills

International Business Management Institute (IBMI)
January 2021

Leadership Program

December 2020

Young Executive Academy

June 2021

Mentoring Program

Genç Başarı Eğitim Vakfı
August 2022

Denizli DevFest-19

GDG Denizli
January 2019